DRAFT 12 Steps & 12 Traditions Feedback Workshops

Date - Sunday 9 May 2021
5:00 pm - 6:45 pm


Join the SLAA Family on a Journey Through the 12 Steps & the 12 Traditions of SLAA

12 Workshops
Starting: Sun 11th Apr at 5 pm UK
Schedule: Every other Sunday
Ending: Sun 12th September

We will be reading together and then sharing our experience of each Step & Tradition in a series of 12 Workshops designed to collect the collective experience and wisdom of the SLAA Community, and with a mind to submit all comments for potential inclusion in the new collection of essays on the SLAA 12 Steps, Traditions & Concepts.

The workshops are open to all, with any level of experience or interest – you do not have to have any input to join us and enjoy reading together and hearing the contributions, but all are welcome to voice their experience and questions around these amazing, life-saving Steps & Traditions.


Reading a Tradition first, with sharing afterwards and saving any feedback people put into the chat facility, then the same for that Step.

There is also a Google Doc for people to add any comments in between workshops (see link below).

We will then forward all the feedback to the Conference Literature Committee to review for the final publication edit of the SLAA “Framework for Living” Steps, Traditions & Concepts book.

Useful Links:

Zoom Link for Sunday 11th April (and every other Sunday till Sept 12) 5pm UK Time: https://bit.ly/3sZGcyU
Import to Calendar: https://bit.ly/3rM0Pxs
E-Mail: werecovertogetherinsla[email protected]gmail.com

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