20.00/8pm UK Time Trailblazers Daily SLAA Zoom Meetings (see Details)

Date - Wednesday 2 Dec 2020
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


SLAA Trailblazers daily meetings with a SLAA Anorexia focus on Thursdays and SLAA HOW Withdrawal focus on Fridays. 

SLAA Trailblazers meetings are held every day, and last for 1 hour and 30 minutes, from 20:00 until 21:30 UK Time. All SLAA Trailblazers Video meetings use the Zoom web conferencing system: IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU HAVE VIDEO ON AT ALL TIMES, AND ARE WELL LIT AND VISIBLE FOR THESE MEETINGS.

You do not need to create an account to use Zoom, you can just directly input the meeting ID: 633-543-389 here (https://zoom.us/join). If you do create an account, we recommend that you DO NOT log in via Facebook or Google, even if the site suggests this.

A few minutes before it is time for the meeting to start, go to http://zoom.us click on “join meeting,” and enter meeting ID:633-543-389 or click http://zoom.us/j/633543389. Please ensure that your name is anonymised, for example just use your first name and first letter of your last name, e.g., “June S.”

Come a little earlier if you’d like to do service such as Co-Host and Chair, or offer to do a main share, or if you are stepping up.

We encourage all to stay for general fellowship time after the formal meeting to chat, find a sponsor, to ask questions, and exchange email or phone contacts where this is safe for you to do.  We use e-mail, phone calls, Whatsapp and slaa.trailblazers@yahoo.com between meetings to support each other, we encourage you to share your contact details only with members who are safe contacts for you.

The Seventh Tradition states we are self-supporting through our own contributions. Your contributions can be made to slaa.trailblazers@yahoo.com via PayPal. After we’ve paid Zoom account fees and retained a prudent reserve, any remaining money gets donated to http://www.slaafws.org for maintenance and development of our global services.

We look forward in fellowship to meeting you on the road to recovery.

Meeting scripts are available for viewing at https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1GShc0MyKerlD8J7LICyiWqrt7Ll_b4Ld

Contact: slaa.trailblazers@yahoo.com

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