Christmas/New Year Changes/Closures December 2015

  • Hinde St Methodist Church, London, is closed on 25th Dec, 26th Dec, 28th Dec and 1st Jan. It also closes at 2.15pm on Thurs 24th Dec and Thurs 31st Dec.
  • Newcastle December 24th meeting will be held on 22nd at 6pm (amended on list of meetings)
  • Newcastle December 31st meeting will be held on 29th at 6pm (amended on list of meetings)
  • Exeter SLAA HOW group ( Thursdays at Palace Gate, 19.00) will not meet on Christmas Eve but will meet on 31st December New Years Eve. Everyone welcome.
  • Swiss Cottage Sunday morning meeting is open on 27th December.
  • Old Woking Thursday meeting closed on 24th and 31st December.
  • Ogle Street Friday meditation meeting closed on Christmas Day 25th December and New Year’s Day 1st January.
  • Penzance Friday meeting closed on Christmas Day 25th December and New Year’s Day 1st January.
  • Bloomsbury Tuesday meeting closed on 22nd December and 29th December. Back on 5th January.
  • Chelsea Friday 7:15pm meeting closed on Christmas Day 25th December and New Year’s Day 1st January. Open again 8th January.
  • Bloomsbury Monday meeting closed on 28th December. Back on 4th January.
  • Bournemouth SLAA Saturday meeting will be closed 26th December & 2nd of January. The meeting will be back on as usual from the 9th of January 2016.
  • City of London Rood Street Friday lunchtime City meeting held at St Margaret Pattens church at 1pm will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
  • Stevenage Thursday 7.30 meeting in St. Peter’s church will be closed on Thu 24th Dec and Thu 31st Dec.
  • Manchester Saturday morning 10:30am meeting at Friends Meeting House is closed in Boxing Day 26th December but will be open 2nd January as normal.
  • Islington Saturday 7:30 meeting in St Mary’s Church is open on Boxing Day 26th December and 2nd January.
  • Whitechapel Wednesday meeting is open as normal.
  • Toddington Thursday meetings on 24th and 31st December are closed. The Tuesday meetings run as normal.
  • Salisbury Saturday morning meeting closed on Boxing Day 26th December.
  • Stoke Newington Saturday 10am Women’s meeting will be open on Boxing Day and Jan 2nd
  • Waterloo Tuesday meeting closed on December 29th but open December 22nd.
  • Colchester Saturday meeting closed on January 2nd.

If you know of a meeting that is incorrectly listed below do let us know at

Date/Time Category Meeting Notes
29 Dec 2015
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
Thursday 6.00PM Newcastle
Details and map
Changing Lives, 214 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE4 6AN
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Train: Newcastle Upon Tyne

This meeting has moved to Tuesday instead of Thursday for the holiday period

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