SLAA literature is kept in cabinets at Hinde Street.  If you would like to purchase literature, most meetings, particularly those running at Hinde Street have a stock of literature.  Items can also be ordered directly from SLAA USA via their online store  The SLAA basic text is also available as an eBook for Kindle from Amazon and for iPad or iPhone or Mac from iTunes and as a paperback from Amazon.


Literature Cabinet Key

Please email [email protected] for details.

Current Stock Availability

For up to date details of current stock, please click here to see the order form. Stock is checked and updated regularly.  Further items, such as audio CDs and sobriety medallions for 10 plus years are available from SLAA US and can be ordered directly from SLAA US here or via [email protected].

Literature Orders for Meetings

Whether ordering for meetings in London or outside, please complete the order form

  1. Complete the order form here
  2. Email to [email protected].
  3. Deposit total payment into literature account (details below).
  4. For London meetings please collect from Hinde Street.
  5. For meetings outside London, we do our best to post orders out within a week.

Banking Details

Augustine Fellowship – Literature Account

Sort Code: 30-93-32 
Account Number: 02757363 
Lloyds TSB


  • Please use these details for literature purchases only – NOT for donations to Intergroup
  • Please use your meeting name as the payment reference

The Literature Committee (UK)
The Literature Committee has been set up by UK Intergroup to:

  • Support the growing meetings and their literature secretaries.
  •  To make SLAA literature more available to us in UK
  • To minimize international shipping costs & delays by ordering in bulk and distributing through intergroup

Currently we don’t have an online shop, if you have any further questions please email

Please State

  • Which Meeting you represent
  •  Leave a telephone number so we can get back to you if needs be.

The SLAA Literature Secretaries Group

This group has been set up by individual literature secretaries of various SLAA meetings to discuss their groups’ literature needs,
trade surplus literature and to facilitate printing and distribution of HOW literature amongst HOW meetings.

“It is the best way to keep up to date with what’s happening with literature in the UK.”

To join this group, go to

or email