Literature for individuals

SLAA literature can be purchased from:


Literature for UK Meetings

Intergroup now keeps stock of SLAA literature in cabinets at Hinde Street, London, for literature secretaries to purchase

  • Please order 3 books or more to avoid many small orders.
  • To help us distribute stocks easily please use Intergroup meetings as an opportunity to obtain literature stocks for your meeting.

Current titles (subject to availability)

  • SLAA UK Literature Prices (as of November 2013) PDF Format


Basic Text (with anonymous cover) £11.00
Newcomers Packet (See contents below**) £4.00
PAM-001 Intro To SLAA £1.00
PAM-002 40 Questions £1.00
PAM-003 Suggestions For Newcomers £1.00
PAM-004 Questions Beginners Ask £1.00
PAM-005 Sponsorship £1.00
PAM-006 Addiction & Recovery £1.00
PAM-007 Anorexia £1.00
PAM-008 Withdrawal £1.00
PAM-009 Welcome £1.00
PAM-010 Pocket Tool Kit £1.00
PAM-016 Renewal Of Sobriety £1.00
PAM-017 Setting Bottom Lines £1.00
PAM-018 Romantic Obsession £1.00
PAM-019 New! Measuring Progress £1.00
BKP-001 Triggers as a resource booklet £3.00
BKT-002 New! Anorexia 1-2-3 £3.00
JOUR003-01 Anorexia Articles Booklet £5.00
JOUR003-02 Withdrawal Articles Booklet £5.00
JOUR003-03 Healthy Relationships Booklet £5.00
JOUR003-04 Twelve Steps Articles Booklet £5.00
BO-005A 1st 10 Yrs of the Journal–Bk1 £6.00
BO-005B 1st 10 Yrs of the Journal–Bk2 £6.00
BO-005C 1st 10 Yrs of the Journal–Bk3 £6.00
PL-001 1 day 80p
PL-002 1 week 80p
PL-003 1 month 80p
PL-004 2 months 80p
PL-005 3 months 80p
PL-006 6 months 80p
PL-007 9 months 80p
PL-008 Welcome Chip 80p
PL-100 Step 1 Chip 80p
PL-200 Step 2 Chip 80p
PL-300 Step 3 Chip 80p
PL-400 Step 3 Chip 80p
PL-500 Step 4 Chip 80p
PL-600 Step 5 Chip 80p
PL-700 Step 6 Chip 80p
PL-800 Step 7 Chip 80p
PL-900 Step 8 Chip 80p
PL-1000 Step 10 Chip 80p
PL-1100 Step 11 Chip 80p
PL-1200 Step 12 Chip 80p
BR-001 1 Year £4.50
BR-003 2 Year £4.50
BR-003 3 Year £4.50
BR-004 4 Year £4.50
BR-005 5 Year £4.50
BR-006 6 Year £4.50
BR-007 7 Year £4.50
BR-008 8 Year £4.50
BR-009 9 Year £4.50
BR-010 10 Year £4.50
CL-002 Serenity Prayer Clay Medallion £1.20
BRC-001 Carry The Message £1.20
BRC-002 Principles Before Personalities £1.20
BRC-003 You are Not Alone £1.20
BRC-004 Let Go, Let God £1.20
BRC-005 One Day at a Time £1.20
BRC-006 Progress, Not Perfection £1.20
Big Book (paperback) £8.00
12 & 12 (paperback) £6.00
As Bill Sees it £7.00
Came to Believe £6.00
24 Hours a Day Book £9.00
Little Red Book £8.00
Beginners' Guide £1.00
Sponsor's Guide £1.00
Step 4 Guidelines £1.00
Steps 6 – 12 £1.00
Maintenance Questions 50p

**Beginner’s packet includes: 40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis pamphlet, Welcome pamphlet, Questions Beginners Ask pamphlet, a Pocket Toolkit, Welcome Chip, and an SLAA.  Basic Text reference bookmark.

Obtaining literature for meetings based in London


Obtaining literature for meetings based outside London:

Banking Details

Augustine Fellowship – Literature Account

Sort Code: 30-93-32 
Account Number: 02757363 
Lloyds TSB


  • Please use these details for literature purchases only – NOT for donations to Intergroup
  • Please reference your meeting name on payment


The Literature Committee (UK)
The Literature Committee has been set up by UK Intergroup to:

  • Support the growing meetings and their literature secretaries.
  •  To make SLAA literature more available to us in UK
  • To minimize international shipping costs & delays by ordering in bulk and distributing through intergroup

Currently we don’t have an online shop, if you have any further questions please email

Please State

  • Which Meeting you represent
  •  Leave a telephone number so we can get back to you if needs be.

The SLAA Literature Secretaries Group

This group has been set up by individual literature secretaries of various SLAA meetings to discuss their groups’ literature needs,
trade surplus literature and to facilitate printing and distribution of HOW literature amongst HOW meetings.

“It is the best way to keep up to date with what’s happening with literature in the UK.”

To join this group, go to

or email